Snipe (EBay Auction Sniper) (beta)

Out of getting real tired of all my auctions being sniped in the last 10 seconds I started this project of an open source auction sniper. This is a proof of concept and really I dislike the system EBay has now. Their system can be improved to help remove this last minute auction sniping advantage, and this should be done. Treating auctioning as an arms race of who has the faster script doesn't really improve things any.

JBidwatcher does a similar thing, though the difference here is that this can be easily ran on a server, for example in a crontab, in a set-and-forget point of view. I would recommend the JBidwatcher for a nice GUI experience.
Why would I like to use this? Have you ever been out bid in an EBay auction only to seconds before the auction only to learn that someone else was interested in the auction and bid one dollar more than your maximum unbeknownst to you? Well, here you have a `backup tool' in which you can make reasonable bid on EBay (as you should) and a snipe bid and then you can avoid that 1 dollar more bid that will cause you to loose the auction.

Isn't there other `services' doing this? Yes there are other online tools, however how comfortable are you with giving your EBay password into someone else's hands? Let alone that service may or may not be keeping the security measures it should be and all it would take is a hack or a packet sniffer to compromise this security at any time. This solution allows you the bidder to have control over your bids and password at all times.

Be safe and play fair. Read more on Wikipedia - Auction Sniping.


This is a working proof of concept and I will have no responsibility for its usage: Snipe version 0.1c (unix/linux, and as always SSL supported)
(ebay script md5sum: 93f021809261d528a666e295e327bbc2)


$ ./ebay 112233445566 11
Where 112233445566 is the ebay auction number you are bidding on and 11 is the amount you are bidding for the auction. Currently this version does not have a timing mechanism so you are left to good-old crontab and sleep to do this for you.


unzip, edit the sript to add your username and password, run


bash, curl, php, and date (All should be standard on most unix/linux systems)

This is in beta and needs many improvements. Please send your ideas, updates, and writeups to auctionsniper [at]